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Projects Seeking a Publisher

English rights available for a range of projects including middle grade, YA and fiction.

 Reviews, translated extracts, and rights contact details can be accessed upon request.

Le Défilé - The Parade

Middle Grade historical fiction by Kouam Tawa (Cameroon) & Marco Chamorro (Ecuador)

CHOCOLATE Samy Manga_edited.jpg


The Bitter Taste of Cocoa Farming

Eco-autofiction by Samy Manga (Cameroon)

Vertel het iemand.jpg

Vertel het iemand - Tell Someone

Historical Fiction - WWI and French Colonization of Morocco

by Rachida Lamrabet (Flanders/Morocco)

Kind van God.jpeg

Een kind van God - A Child of God

Short stories by Rachida Lamrabet (Flanders/Morocco)



Middle Grade fiction

by Milouska Meulens (Curaçao/Netherlands)

Et le desert.jpg

Et le Désert Disparaîtra

And the Desert Shall Disappear

Feminist eco-fiction YA

by Marie Pavlenko (France)

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